The Three Signs Your Car Park Lines Need A Fresh Coat

Car park lines need quite a bit of care to last well in the unpredictable and ever-changing Australian environment. Knowing when you need to give your car park lines an upgrade can be a bit of a tricky thing to get right. It is always best to go through a professional because these lines and markings need to be extremely precise. If you aren't sure about whether your car park lines are in need of an upgrade or not, here are a few telltale signs that you should look for. 


This generally only happens when non-professionals try and do their own car park lines. It makes sense to try and save as much money as you can, and it is easy to ask how hard it can possibly be to paint car lines. The answer is that car park lines have special paint that needs to be cured and applied in a very specific way to last as long as it should. If your attempts at painting car park lines have smudged or look very unclear, that is an obvious sign that something has gone wrong in the process. It won't be long before the paint is completely washed away, so you should call for a professional as soon as possible.


Eventually, most car park lines will start to show cracks as the changes in heat affect the integrity of the paint. This cracking effect is constantly being tested and examined, although there is still no current solution. However, newer paints have much more resistance to cracking, and a new coat on your car park lines can help preserve them for much longer. You only get one chance to make a first impression with a customer or a client, and you don't want them to be put off by an unattractive car park. 


Fading happens a lot on surfaces that withstand a lot of direct sunlight or environmental factors like dirt, mud and heavy rain. Again, just like the issue of cracking, fading is still something that has not been fully solved. You will know that your car park lines are too faded if you can't fully make out the sharp edges anymore, or if they seem uneven in different spots. That is why it is recommended that at least every few years you get an upgraded coat on any car park lines that are predominantly outdoors. These coats don't take as long as they did when you were initially designing the car park because there is far less to cover. The painters just have to cover over the previous lines, and if they aren't too faded, one coat should be enough. 

Contact professionals to get help with your car park lines today.