Services Provided by Exterior Painters for Residential Projects

Following the major seasonal weather changes, many homeowners decide to upgrade their home in some way. One of the most common upgrades, and a way to prepare for the next season, is to repaint the exterior of the home. When you hire an exterior painter, you may only hire them for that project. What you should consider is that this type of painter offers more services to residential customers than you would think. Here are a few of the services and ways these services can help with your seasonal projects.


Staining outdoor wood decks, patios, shutters, and furniture may be part of your outdoor project list. Staining is something that can be done as a do-it-yourself project, but it can be time consuming and messy. Staining can also be difficult to handle in larger scales like patios and decks. An exterior painter can provide this service and has the equipment to spray on the stain in the colour you would like. They can also apply several layers if necessary and give you options for ensuring the durability and longevity of the stain. 


Waterproofing is something that should be done to various outdoor wood and cement structures on a routine basis. If you have noticed some warping or have noticed pooling of water on your deck and outdoor concrete areas, you may need to consider waterproofing the area. Your exterior painter may be able to waterproof most wood and concrete areas. The waterproofing can be sprayed on and is available as a mix-in with different exterior paints if you would like the waterproofing put on exterior siding, shutters, or banisters. 


Sealing wood, concrete, and brick is something that can be difficult unless you have the proper tools. This type of sealing is different than waterproofing. It is usually done with an epoxy-based sealant. The sealant is painted or sprayed onto driveways, walkways, and garage floors. In addition to protecting the area from weather damage, it can also help protect against erosion and cracking. The seal can be sprayed or painted on by an exterior painter using special tools that make the job quicker and help the sealant to dry faster. 

These are just a few of the services exterior painters provide. If you have specific projects that need attention, contact your local painter to discuss your options. They can inform you about the services they offer and help determine how they can best help with your exterior projects. They can also discuss scheduling and pricing with you as well as answer any questions.