3 Reasons to Spray Paint the Outside of Your Office Building

If the exterior of your building is looking dirty and tired, then you may have decided to repaint it. Rather than go for a manual paint, it's worth looking at having the building spray-painted. What are the benefits of choosing this painting method?

1. Get the Job Done Quickly

Even small buildings take a while to paint. You'll have to put up scaffolding, clean the surface and then brush or roller each coat of paint on the walls. The longer this job takes, the more disruptive it is for your employees and people visiting your building.

Spray painting is typically a much quicker process. While you'll still have to live with scaffolding and surface preparation time, the actual paint goes on much more quickly.

The painter simply sprays the paint over your walls. This allows them to cover bigger areas at a much greater speed than if they were using brushes and rollers. You get a spanking new exterior much more quickly.

2. Get Better Results

While professional painters will make a good job of painting your offices with brushes or rollers, there may be areas that are harder to paint than others. Areas that are hard to reach with a brush may not get a completely even coat.

Spray paint makes things easier. The sprayer basically throws paint out of its nozzle at high pressure so that it hits and covers a surface area. The paint automatically fills the space, right down to tiny crevices or uneven areas. This gives you a more even coat that goes exactly where you need it to without accidental drips and spills that need to be cleaned up along the way.

3. Get Lower Costs

If you use traditional painting methods on your building, then your bill may be higher than if you use spray paint. The longer a job takes, the more labour hours it requires. Even if you pay a flat fee for the job, this fee will be based on these hours as well as the materials that are used.

If you spray paint, then the job takes less time. If you reduce labour time, you should see your costs come down. So, the job may be cheaper than you thought.

To find out more about spray painting your building and how it works, talk to local commercial painting contractors. They can help you decide if this is the best solution for you.