Choosing Paint Hues for the Interior Walls of Your Home

Painting the walls in your home is a fantastic way to transform the decor. The tricky part is selecting specific colours and testing them. Read on for several tips on choosing your colours for residential painting.

Scrutinising Paint Swatches

One way to select a paint shade is to go to a store and get printed sample swatches of the colours you're interested in. While you can look at hues on a computer, you can't be sure that the colour rendition is accurate. With sample chips in hand, you can hold them against your wall and study them in different kinds of light. Sample chips will show you many variations and nuances of each shade so you can compare options easily. The contrasts will help you discover what you prefer. You can compare different shades of white and beige, for instance. Even neutral tones exhibit numerous warm and cool versions.

Purchasing Sample Paint Cans

If you want to repeat an existing wall colour, you could purchase a sample can from a supplier. That way, you can paint a small, discreet area of the wall to see if it matches. You can test out new colour ideas this way also. By painting a small patch, you'll get a sense of how a colour appears in different lighting conditions. Remember, too, that paint often looks darker once it's dried than when first applied.

Playing With Digital Apps

Another approach to match an existing room colour or choose a new one is to use a digital app. These allow you to photograph your wall, and they can give you suggestions on particular matching paint products. You can also use these apps to check out ideas using a photo of your room and playing with different colours within the app.

Turning to Existing Artwork and Furnishings

If you're searching for room colour schemes, you could borrow from the designs within your furnishing or artwork. Using a painting, you can note the colours it uses and apply those to your room. Alternatively, consider a tablecloth or cushion that you love. It might have a neutral beige or cream background that's accented with several other colours. By using furnishings and artworks, you're drawing on the expertise of artists and designers. Alternatively, you could ask your painting contractors or a designer for their suggestions on how to enhance your home with a residential painting project and to pick the perfect colours.