5 Signs That Your Car Park Lines Need To Be Repainted

Proper line marking in your business's car park is a must, both for the safety of your customers and to ensure ease of parking. The following are a few signs that indicate that it is time for new line marking.

1. Fading and Weathering

Over time, the parking lines will fade on any type of paved surface. These worn lines are more difficult to see, so drivers may accidentally begin going the wrong way around the car park, or they may even park askew to the nearly invisible lines. Fading occurs due to the natural cycle of sun exposure, weathering and rain and being driven upon. 

2. Layout Updates

Have you changed the layout of the car park recently? For lots where a switch in parking space size, disabled parking locations or even traffic flow patterns has occurred, the lines must be updated across the whole lot to ensure that everyone knows the new layout. It's no good to paint new lines at cross purposes to the old lines. First, the car park must be surfaced to cover all old lines, so that the new ones are the only ones that are visible to drivers.

3. Resurfacing Refresh

It's common to have a sealcoat or resurfacing performed on the car park pavement periodically. This process lays down a fresh layer of paving, which means that the old car park lines are obscured and barely visible. Instead of hoping drivers remember the location of the old lines, it is much better to have new line marking put in. It should show up quite well against the fresh new background afforded by the resurfacing. 

4. Safety Upgrades

Sometimes, you may notice safety issues in the car park that needs to be addressed. For example, if there are no clearly marked pedestrian right of ways, then customers may have issues reaching your business as they weave between cars making their way into the car park. Hiring out the marking means you can have brightly coloured crosswalks painted to help increase the safety of your clients.

5. Visibility Issues

Not all line marking paints are created equal. You want a highly reflective paint that can be seen both at night and during wet weather. If your old car park lines seem to disappear when the sun sets or during rain, then it is time to have the lines repainted with a highly visible and reflective paint. 

For more help with car park lines and repainting, contact a local painting service.