Tips for Hiring an Interior Painter

It is never difficult to distinguish between a paint job that has been done by a professional and one that has been done by a non-professional. The final quality of the paint job is enough to tell it all.

While painting often seems like an easy task, there is a lot of skill and expertise that goes into it. This is why painters always seem to have ongoing assignments at any given point in time.

It is great that you chose to hire a painter rather than struggle with the paint job on your own. Now here are a few tips on how to hire a painter.

 Ask About Preparation Activities

Painting involves more than just dipping a roller brush into a tub of paint and spreading the paint onto a selected surface. There is a lot of preparation that has to be done before the actual painting exercise begins.

For example, if you are re-painting, the selected surface must be stripped of the old layer of paint as well as any stains and dirt. This is because the presence of old paint, stains or dirt will affect the quality of the new coat of paint that is to be laid on the selected surface.

It is wrong to assume that your painter is responsible for preparation activities without confirming this with them first. Thus, you need to make it clear from the onset that the quote as given by the painter includes the cost of surface preparation.

Ask About VOCs

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These are harmful chemical substances that are often found in paint, chemical cleaning supplies and many other consumer products that are commonly used at home.

A painter worth their salt is bound to know that the presence of volatile organic compounds in certain types of paint is a serious concern in the painting industry today. Ideally, he or she should be in a position to recommend paint products that have low concentrations of volatile organic compounds.

While there is not much that the painter can do about VOCs, their response to this question can help you determine how experienced they are.

Ask About Their Previous Clients

Ask your painter about previous clients who were not satisfied with their work to test how honest the painting professional is. If they are honest, they will definitely agree that they have had one or two clients who were not fully satisfied with their work and they will explain why.

After all, painters are human and no human is perfect. They cannot have a perfect record with all their previous clients.

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