5 Signs That Your Car Park Lines Need To Be Repainted

Proper line marking in your business's car park is a must, both for the safety of your customers and to ensure ease of parking. The following are a few signs that indicate that it is time for new line marking. 1. Fading and Weathering Over time, the parking lines will fade on any type of paved surface. These worn lines are more difficult to see, so drivers may accidentally begin going the wrong way around the car park, or they may even park askew to the nearly invisible lines. [Read More]

Choosing Paint Hues for the Interior Walls of Your Home

Painting the walls in your home is a fantastic way to transform the decor. The tricky part is selecting specific colours and testing them. Read on for several tips on choosing your colours for residential painting. Scrutinising Paint Swatches One way to select a paint shade is to go to a store and get printed sample swatches of the colours you're interested in. While you can look at hues on a computer, you can't be sure that the colour rendition is accurate. [Read More]